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Be a Leader of Contemporary Music

Each year, Argento performs over a dozen premieres of ground-breaking composers. You can help support Argento's efforts to find and perform the works of bold and adventurous composers who bring unfamiliar musical experience onto the page by making a contribution.

Donations at the $50, $200, or $500+ levels by check is most appreciated, or donate online via PayPal at the link below.

Argento New Music Project
P.O. Box 824
New York, NY 10024
Tel. (347) 927-4368



On matters of gifts of stock, real estate, in-kind contributions, and estate planning, please contact General Manager Kimmy Szeto at the email address above.

Argento’s 2023-2024 season has been made possible by generous donations and support from

The Reed Foundation
The Fritz Reiner Fund
The Alice M. Ditson Fund for Contemporary American Music
New York City Department for Cultural Affairs
New York State Council on the Arts


And from

Tony Stepanski
Victoria Newhouse 
Michael Klingbeil 
Gayle Haller 
James Berry
Jeanne Linnes
Paul Gridley
Sarina Tang
Fred Lerdahl

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