New Music on the Cutting Edge

Moving Sounds Festival

Locations for concerts, panel discussions and parties:

Austrian Cultural Forum
11 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022
Reservation required for concert events (

Le Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012

Program for Saturday, September 12, 2009

4 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
sound:frame Vienna, an exhibition curated by Eva Fischer
Free and open to the public

The exhibition features installations and video works of high-profile visual artists from around the world, offering a journey through current approaches to visualizing electronic music.

5 to 6 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
DJ Dorian Concept, with live video projection by Astrid Steiner
Free and open to the public

The young Austrian DJ Dorian Concept has made a name for himself at the most forward-thinking beat parties around Europe. Infused with childlike playfulness, Dorian’s mix of sticky funk and twisted electronic chord changes pays tribute to experimental hip-hop, jazz, funk, and electronica.

Astrid Steiner, aka VJ Luma, has enlightened the screens of Austrian and German techno clubs and classical music venues alike with her creations of surreal landscapes and graphical journeys. Her mixing and composition of the video clips happens live, making every show different and unique.

7:30 PM at Le Poisson Rouge
(Cafe and bar open at 7)
Argento Chamber Ensemble


Bernhard Lang - Differenz/Wiederholung 2 - U.S. premiere

Beat Furrer - Xenos II - world premiere
for narrator and 20-person chamber ensemble

Tickets: $20, available at the door, online at, or by calling (212) 505-3474.

Bernhard Lang’s Differenz/Wiederholung 2 (Difference/Repetition 2) features a trio of an opera singer, a Kurdish Makam singer and a lyricist accompanied by an electro-acoustic chamber orchestra of 14 musicians. Lang is one of the most revered composers of the contemporary European avant-garde, and in his powerful use of repetition, he juxtaposes the aesthetics of turntablism with the idiom of classical works. Lang introduces the work before Argento’s performance.

Beat Furrer’s Xenos II is a cutting-edge work for narrator and 20-person chamber orchestra. Its musical source is a computer-generated analysis of Furrer’s own speaking voice. From this spectrogram, Furrer extracts certain frequencies, amplitudes (volumes), and timbres, and his piece is scored for instruments that uncannily re-create the presence of the original voice. In this performance, Furrer himself performs in the narrator’s role.

9 PM at Le Poisson Rouge
Mantra Percussion and Friends


Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians

Tickets: $20, available at the door, online at, or by calling (212) 505-3474.

Formed in September 2007, Mantra Percussion commissions pieces by prominent composers to expand the percussion repertoire, commissions young composers to breathe new life into the art, and also performs classic repertoire. Members of Mantra Percussion have performed at the Lucerne Festival, Bang on a Can Marathon, Bang on a Can Summer Music Institute, Darmstadt, the International Ensemble Modern Academy, and Tanglewood. For more information, go to

11 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Free and open to the public

Program for Sunday, September 13, 2009

11 AM to 4 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Free and open to the public

4:30 to 6 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Screening of Vinyl, a documentary film by Andrew Standen-Raz
Free and open to the public

“A day in the year in the life of Vienna cool,” Andrew Standen-Raz’s Vinyl documents a moment in the city’s history when falling borders between east and west created a fertile ground for musical fusion. The film’s pace matches the styles of the music it portrays: fast-flowing electronic beats, ambient chill grooves, and the sparse sounds of the experimental underground. Vinyl is intercut and overlapping, a portrait of the dynamic ebb and flow of a city in transition. Director Andrew Standen-Raz will be present at the prescreening.

8:00 PM at Le Poisson Rouge
(Cafe and bar open at 7)
TimeTable Percussion Trio, with DJ Christopher Just


1. Sam Pluta - world premiere of new work
for percussion trio and live electronics

2. Beat Furrer - Music for Mallets
for 3 mallet stations

3. Hoffman - Alchemy - New York premiere

4. DJ Christopher Just - mix on Beat Furrer’s Music for Mallets

5. Elizabeth Hoffman - Vissera - world premiere
for percussion trio and live electronic sounds

6. Bernhard Lang - Monadologie IV - world premiere
for 3 drummers

Known for its riveting performances of new and experimental music, TimeTable specializes in music that crosses boundaries of style and discipline, with an emphasis on works that challenge the language and materials of percussion music. This concert is no exception: TimeTable performs the music of leading avant-gardists Beat Furrer and Bernhard Lang, composer/improviser Sam Pluta, and electro-acoustic composer Elizabeth Hoffman, and collaborates with rave and techno DJ Christopher Just. TimeTable’s members are Matthew Gold, Alex Lipowski, and Matt Ward.

9 PM at Le Poisson Rouge
DJ dieb13 and Bernhard Lang
Party to follow, DJ by Christopher Just

Since the late 1980s, dieb13 has worked continuously in rendering cassette players, vinyls, CDs and harddisks into instruments, and performed at various international festivals and locations including: phonotaktik wien, sonicacts amsterdam, beyond innocence osaka, lmc festival london, electrograph athens, maerzmusik berlin, kammermusiktage witten, musiktage donaueschingen, wien modern, musee de art moderne strasbourg, beograd, turningsounds warszawa, piksel bergen, donaufestival krems, and batofar paris.

Tickets for TimeTable and party to follow: $15, available at the door, online at, or by calling (212) 505-3474.

Program for Monday, September 14, 2009

4 to 5:30 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Panel discussion and symposium

6 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Argento Chamber Ensemble


Elizabeth Hoffman - PR - world premiere
for electronic sounds

Georg Friedrich Haas - Ein Schattenspiel
for piano and electronics

Michael Klingbeil - Subterrain
for clarinet, 3 strings and electronics

Beat Furrer - Scene VI from Fama - U.S. premiere
for soprano and contrabass flute

Bernhard Lang - Morendo - U.S. premiere
for bass flute and electronics

Furrer - Aria
for soprano, clarinet, percussion, piano and strings

Soprano Sharla Nafziger and flutist Erin Lesser perform the U.S. premiere of Scene VI from Beat Furrer’s recent opera Fama. In this isolated movement, the vocal line is accompanied by a contrabass flute, an extremely rare instrument that is taller than the performer. Ms. Lesser will also perform the U.S. premiere of Bernhard Lang’s Morendo for bass flute and electronics. Lang constructed Morendo from an unfinished work by composer Roman Haubenstock-Ramati. Ms. Nafziger sings and Michel Galante conducts the closing work on the program, Beat Furrer’s fast-paced Aria.

The program also includes a world premiere of PR by American composer Elizabeth Hoffman; Subterrain, an electroacoustic concerto for clarinet, strings, and electronics, by Argento’s resident composer Michael Klingbeil, featuring clarinettist Carol McGonnell; and Austrian spectral composer Georg Friedrich Haas’s Ein Schattenspiel, a work for piano and electronics in which a piano dialogues with a microtonal electroacoustic rendering of itself, performed by pianist Joanna Chao.

7:30 PM at the Austrian Cultural Forum
Argento Chamber Ensemble

Repeat of the 6 PM performance

9 PM at Le Poisson Rouge
The JACK Quartet


Beat Furrer - Quartet #3
Aaron Cassidy - String Quartet

The concert will be followed by the Moving Sounds Ending Party, with DJs Dorian Concept and Christopher Just.

Tickets: $15, available at the door, online at, or by calling (212) 505-3474.

The JACK Quartet has established a reputation for giving high-energy performances of today's most demanding works for string quartet. The New York Times called its performance of Iannis Xenakis's complete string quartets one of the “most memorable classical music presentations of 2008.” In 2009, the quartet received an ASCAP/Chamber Music America Award for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music. The quartet’s members are violinists Christopher Otto and Ari Streisfeld, violist John Pickford Richards, and cellist Kevin McFarland. They have worked closely with American composer and conductor Aaron Cassidy, whose String Quartet appears on their program at Le Poisson Rouge. Cassidy’s music is characterized by an uncompromising dedication to instability and fragmentation.