New Music on the Cutting Edge


Spring/Summer 2016: Our long-runing general arts administration and audio/video processing programs continue. In addition, we are launching a new program for candidates who are interested a practicum on the cutting edge of knowledge organization, digital humanities, and archival science.


The Argento New Music Project Internship Program provides excellent experience in the day-to-day operations of a non-profit music organization. Interns work directly with the Artistic Director, the General Manager, as well as musicians and engineers, and have opportunities to take on independent projects. The program is highly flexible. Under the mentorship of an Argento officer, interns participate in any of the following areas:

  • Concert production
  • Electronics and sound engineering
  • Music library and information management
  • Musicological and historical research
  • Artists service
  • Finance
  • Project management
  • Event planning
  • Publicity and marketing
  • Graphics and web design
  • Grant writing
  • Educational outreach
  • Arts administration


  • Strong interest in music, non-profit organizations, education or research
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work both independently and as a team member
  • Basic knowledge of Word and Excel
  • Willingness to work occasional evenings and weekends

Interns work 5-10 flexible hours a week in a casual atmosphere.

The internship is offered year-round. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Please submit a brief letter of interest and your resume to:

Argento New Music Project
Attn.: Kimmy Szeto
P.O. Box 824
New York, NY 10024

or email to:

Intern Profiles

Chih-Hsien Hsieh

  • Studied: MM in Scoring for Film and Multimedia, New York University
  • With Argento: Intern, Fall 2017

Annie Ketchmark, Belmont Univeristy

  • major: composition
  • minor: music business
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2017

Tia Xiao, Indiana Univeristy Bloomington

  • Studied: MA in Arts Aministration
  • With Argento: Intern, Fall 2016

John Albert Harris, University of Miami

  • Studied: MM in composition
  • With Argento: Intern, Fall 2016

Nick Joven, New York Univeristy

  • Studying: master's degree in composition
  • With Argento: Intern, Fall 2016

Lucy Hattemer, Yale Univeristy

  • Studying: piano performance
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2016

Matthew Tiramani, Penn State University

  • Studying: M.M. in composition
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2016
  • On the internship: "Simply making contact with scores outside of the public domain was great exposure to contemporary literature." "[Creating a ticket sales report and a press release] are part of a side of “classical” music promotion that I knew very little about. Understanding the workings of music promotion and ensemble organization will be a huge asset to my future as a composer, as many newcomers to the field do not take the time to learn about these subjects."
  • After Argento: Gradiate Assistant in Music Composition and Music Technology at Penn State University

Gabriel Drozdov, Wesleyan University

  • Studying: theater; computer science
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2016
  • On the internship: "...being able to see the process of organizing these concerts come into place was an enlightening experience that made me feel like I had a tangible goal to work towards for the entire summer...especially since my task ended up being editing the footage for the very same performance."

Ben Zucker, Wesleyan University

  • Studying: music composition; critical theory
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2015
  • Areas of specialty: audio/video editing, program curation
  • On the internship: "As a composer, it’s been helpful to get an insider look at how new music is programmed, produced, and promoted. Everyone was so generous with their experience and knowledge!"
  • After Argento: master's program in experimental music at Brunel University (London)

Tyler Cudia, The College of New Jersey

  • Studed: music; English literature
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2015
  • Areas of specialty: digitization projects, music library
  • On the internship: "Being able to work with Argento during the summer has provided me with a unique perspective of the music industry. In preparation for the upcoming season, I've been fortunate enough to be exposed to a lot of the behind-the-scenes work of the organization which up until this point I had never really experienced as a music student...The flexibility of the program has been wonderful to explore my interests further!"

Reily Gordon, Bennington College

  • Studying: video/audio production
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2015
  • Areas of specialty: video editing extraordinaire, concert production

Vanessa Cravotta, Aaron Copalnd School of Music, CUNY Queens College

  • Studying: composition
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2014; production assistant; Director of Communications
  • Areas of specialty: proposal writing, intellectual property
  • On the internship: "I like the flexibility of the program. Interns have the opportunity to select projects that suit their interest, alone or in a group depending on the assignment...I think the most beneficial project was developing a program proposal because I learned so much about composers, venues, music publishg, PROs, and overall arts administration in the process."
  • Most memorable moment: "...visiting Argento's library and meeting with the Metropolitan Library Council. I've never seen so many scores in such a small space!"
  • After Argento: Patron Programs staff at Carnegie Hall

Ananda Alves Brandão, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil / University of Minnesota

  • Studying: photographic production and musical sciences
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2014
  • Areas of specialty: digitization projects, metadata creation
  • On the internship: "I worked in many topics much related to my field of study and research...Meeting all the Argento members and getting to know them was really great."
  • Most memorable moments: "The weekly meetings."
  • After Argento: music marketing, management and communications course in Milan, Italy.

Gustavo Silveira, Federal University of Pelotas, Brazil / Wisconsin Lutheran College

  • Studying: composition
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2014
  • Areas of specialty: web site administration, audio/video post-production
  • After Argento: researcher at Bit Controllers.

Abby Fisher, New York University

  • Studying: percussion performance
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2014
  • Areas of specialty: media library, instrument organization
  • After Argento: DMA program at Stony Brook University
  • Most memorable moment: Carrying double basses down the streets and subway with Kimmy and Gustavo!

Iuri Gama, Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil / Brandeis University

  • Studying: music composition
  • With Argento: Brazil Scientific Mobility Program Intern, Summer 2013
  • Areas of specialty: orchestration, concert production
  • On the internship: As an aspiring composer, being able to watch [Georg Friedrich] Haas at the rehearsal of his piece...was fantastic. ... Interacting directly with composers and the active music scene were very important.
  • Most memorable moments: The packed concerts at the Austrian Cultural Forum and the dinner at the burger joint after the concert; days when I had to manage the [musical] arrangement project while [the general manager] was abroad.

Alexandra Krawetz, Rice University

  • Studying: music history
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2013
  • Areas of specialty: music notation, orchestration

Thomas Jacob, University of Glasgow / Western Connecticut State University

  • Studied: music and sound design for the moving image
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2013
  • Area of specialty: sound processing and video editing

Eric Umble, Manhattan School of Music

  • Studying: clarinet performance
  • With Argento: Intern, Spring/Summer 2013
  • Areas of specialty: music administration, music notation

Brian Dugan, Bennington College

  • Studying: composition and audio engineering
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2013
  • Area of specialty: audio editing and processing
  • On the internship: Working with protools helped me a great deal. I learned how to follow along with a score and edit the audio accordingly...[The] most memorable moment was when there was a rehearsal in the apartment. I was finally able to hear the content in which i was editing.

Tobin Bartolo, Bennington College

  • Studying: music and video production
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2013
  • Area of specialty: video editing

Meghan Baumann, Bennington College

  • Studying: voice
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2013
  • Areas of specialty: adminstration, social media, grant writing

Kathryn Graham, University of Michigan

  • Major: voice performance with teacher certification
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2012
  • Areas of specialty: grants research, music notation, publicity, writing
  • On the internship: "It is one thing to sit in a classroom or read a book on how to be an administrator for an arts organization. Actually doing it gives you more insight and knowledge than any course or book could give you."
  • On her writing assignments: "I found the writing assignments, such as writing blurbs for the website and press releases, very useful. Talking through my writing with my supervisor gave me the opportunity to see what goes into an engaging and effective piece of writing for an arts organization."
  • Most memorable moment: "The two concerts [in Philadelphia] gave me the opportunity to see all of the non-musical and musical work that Argento puts into an event in action. I also got to make my conducting debut with Argento :-)"
  • After Argento: Box Office Assistant at the Manhattan School of Music

Laurette Siler, Bennington College

  • Concentration: sound engineering
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2012
  • Areas of specialty: music library, video and sound editing, copyright research
  • Highlights: "I liked getting practice with Pro Tools and picking Michael Klingbeil’s brain." "...figuring out how to connect Pro Tools to external outputs almost completely on my own was pretty nice!"
  • Most memorable moment: "I really liked seeing Argento in their element, playing a was definitely fun and really solidified my belief in everyone’s talent."

Nathaniel Doubleday, Bennington College

  • Concentration: music
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2012
  • Areas of specialty: music library, organizational research
  • Highlights: "Working with multi-camera footage of new music performances...allowed me to develop a stronger sensitivity to narrative in editing - essential to any project. Setting up a multi-cam shoot independently was also good interests are largely oriented toward video, multimedia and music, I am appreciative of the fact that Argento allowed me to combine these areas of interest into a single series of projects."
  • Most memorable moment: "Attending and working at a live concert toward the end, after having worked with similar footage for the past month."

Dmitri Glickman, Bennington College

  • Concentration: music
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2012
  • Areas of specialty: music library, music arrangements and notation
  • After Argento: WHRO Public Media ➙ Field Station: Dinosaurs ➙ Ripley's Believe It or Not! Times Square, all the while composing and conducting

Andrey Stolyarov, Lehigh University

  • Major: composition and vocal performance
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2011
  • Areas of specialty: musical arrangements, music notation, music library
  • Highlights: "I was looking forward to working with scores and parts of arrangements and I was able to do just that."
  • After Argento: master's program in composition at the Hartt School of Music in Hartford, CT

Aled Roberts, New York University

  • Major: composition
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2011
  • Areas of specialty: musical arrangements, music notation, music library
  • Highlights: Beer tasting from a local brewer at every concert
  • After Argento: studying compositino with Ezequiel Viñao; working as a management assistant, and freelancing as a film composer and session musician; hailed as "a precious young composer" by TimeOut New York at the Flea Theatre’s 2011 Music With A View Festival.

Summer Video Production Program

  • Helen Han: Emerson College / Doe Productions
  • Claudia Lopez: New York University / Independent Producer
  • Samantha Schwarz: Lafayette College, majoring in English and Film Production

Christopher Prodoehl, New York University

  • Completing dissertation in: philosophy
  • With Argento: Intern, Spring 2011; research assistant since summer 2011
  • Areas of specialty: grants research, grantwriting
  • After Argento: grantwriter with Argento

Kim Nucci, Bennington College

  • Concentrations: composition, visual arts (painting and photography), saxophone performance
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2010
  • Areas of specialty: music library, video editing, web site design
  • Argento experience: "I particularly liked going through all the scores and seeing examples of music written...outside the normal repertoire...Listening in on rehearsals helped me gain a better point of reference for how [Haas's] in vain worked. I don't think I would have picked up on many of the finer points had I just heard it for the first time at the Armory concert."
  • After Argento: freelance artist in New York City

Caitlin Featherstone, Oberlin Conservatory of Music

  • Major: trumpet
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2011
  • Areas of specialty: music library, video editing

Julie Hill, Berklee College of Music

  • Major: composition
  • Activities: composition, voice, piano
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2010
  • Areas of specialty: music library, purchasing
  • Argento experience: "The opportunity to attend the Argento performances was priceless. There are very few things as beneficial to a young composer as hearing a really great performer play a well-written piece."
  • Favorite Argento moments: "Watching Carol McGonnell blow away some Grisey."
  • After Argento: " composition with Nils Vigeland at MSM"; composer; voice instructor in New York City

Cooper Troxell, Vassar College

  • Major: applied linguistics and musical structures
  • Activities: composition, guitar
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2010
  • After Argento: works at Kickstarter

Yvonne Wang, New York University

  • Majors: music, business
  • Activities: composition, violin, piano
  • With Argento: Intern, Spring/Summer 2010; production assistant since fall 2010
  • Areas of specialty: musical arrangement, Sibelius notation extraordinaire, marketing materials
  • After Argento: piano and violin instructor in New York City

Abraham Goldmintz, Bennington College

  • Major: literature; music
  • Activities: composition, creative writing
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2010
  • Areas of specialty: policy development, digital media archival
  • After Argento: Random House Publishing Group

Jeremy Kiracofe, Bennington College

  • Major: music
  • Musical activities: composition, guitar
  • With Argento: Intern, Winter 2010
  • Areas of specialty: musical arrangements, Finale notation

Jill Schackner, Barnard College

  • Major: music
  • Musical activities: opera, musical theater, a cappella ensembles; songwriting
  • With Argento: Intern, Fall 2009
  • Areas of specialty: finance, copyright, digital media archival
  • Argento experience: "My first job was working at LPR and the ACF for the Moving Sounds Festival, and it was the first time I had ever heard the Argento Chamber Ensemble perform. This was incredibly exciting and drove my enthusiasm in interning for the rest of the semester."
  • Favorite Argento moments: "Watching Michel conduct at a rehearsal was really interesting, and the way everyone gave their input for their performance was fascinating."
  • After Argento: Evergreen Copyrights

Natasha Yamane, Barnard College

  • Majors: neuroscience, music
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer/Fall 2009
  • Areas of specialty: archives and preservation, electronic media
  • After Argento: Client Relations Administrator at Different Roads to Learning, Inc.

Marina Evans, Barnard College

  • Musical activities: jazz vocals. Lead vocal in My Ship (Rockport, Mass.)
  • With Argento: Intern, Spring 2009
  • After Argento: Phillips Exeter Academy; Open Book Systems

Kathryn Hathaway, Barnard College

  • Major: English, music
  • Musical activities: composing, the Varsity Show
  • With Argento: Intern, Fall 2008, Spring 2009
  • Argento experience: "I chose Argento because I had read about it's achievements online and in newspapers...I was also very interested in the type of new music that they were performing. I especially enjoyed being able to help Michel notate music on Finale...I got to see some scores for pieces I hadn't heard by composers that I really liked."
  • After Argento? "...looking for work in arts administration and theater companies...get my plays and musicals produced...maybe an MFA in playwriting."
  • After Argento: Rattlestick Playwrights Theater; musical theater composer and lyricist
  • Favorite Argento moments: "The concerts! Those were my favorites. Chatting with Fabien Levy ... meeting with some of the composers."

Ryan Beppel, Columbia College

  • Major: music
  • Musical activities: composition, recording engineering
  • With Argento: Intern, Spring 2008; production assistant, since Spring 2009
  • Argento experience: "I got to examine scores, compositional work and a little bit of conducting...I saw how these musicians tackle these highly demanding pieces. It gave me a lot of insight into what to expect from a certain score, how it is conducted, and most important, what it sounds like."
  • Favorite Argento moments: "Assisting Helmut Lachemann during a rehearsal and writing notes for him. It was just wild to talk to such a ground breaking composer and see his interesting take on orchestration at work."
  • After Argento: His composition
  • Receptive Asphasia is the 2010 winner of the New Voices Project (Philadelphia chapter of the American Composers Forum). Argento performed the world premiere on April 3, 2010, at Temple University. Now Ryan is studying composition in Switzerland with Georg Friedrich Haas at the Hochschule für Musik Basel.

Katie Moore, Barnard College

  • Major: economic history
  • Musical activities: a cappella, musical theater
  • With Argento: Intern, Spring 2008
  • After Argento: doctorate program at Boston University in history
  • Argento experience: "I wanted to work at a music organization...and was curious to see what [a non-profit] was like. I learned a lot about was how a non-profit organization operates and how funding is attained."
  • Favorite Argento moments: "I really enjoyed working at the concerts."
  • After Argento: PhD program in history at Boston University

Ruth Weiss, Barnard College

  • Major: religion
  • Musical activities: cello, voice
  • With Argento: Intern, Summer 2007, Barnard Alumnae and Donor Sponsored Internship Grant; Production Assistant, Fall 2007
  • Argento experience: "I enjoyed and felt I learned a lot from writing grant letters of inquiry and program notes."
  • After Argento: Internship at the American Jewish Committee; graduate program at the Jewish Theological Seminary
  • Favorite Argento moments: "Argento rehearsals...and brainstorming how to raise money."
  • After Argento: Masters program at JTS

Elesse Eddy, Barnard College

  • Major: physics
  • Musical activities: voice, tuba
  • With Argento: Intern, Spring 2007; Production Assistant: Spring 2008
  • Argento experience: "I got to work on designing Argento's press kit and create different flyers for publicity."
  • After Argento: Internship at the English National Opera; Publications Coordinator, Barnard College; Commercial Banking Strategy and Development at Citizens Bank, Boston
  • Favorite Argento moments: "It's amazing to meet some of the famous composers that Argento works with, like Helmut Lachenmann, for example."